Custom Designs

We know. We know. We know! Some of our designs are pretty wicked. And yes, you feel pretty damn good when you walk into the office and everyone has their eye on your awesome premium tumbler.

You start questioning wether your life would have been if you would have actually listened to your mother and ate your broccoli. You start asking yourself if you would have been better wearing that pink chiffon to your prom. But more importantly, you start wondering if SUPERMUG.CA could actually help promote your business, organization or brand.

Well, we are here to say YES!!! Our premium tumblers and stem less wine glass make the perfect prized promotional swag items that your customers, staff, and friends want.

Sure, we've all gotten those cheap chotskies and quickly threw them away. But, with a tumbler or glass from SUPERMUGS.CA, your recipient will actually brag and show it off (Infancy business terms that is called the residual effect).

Your corporate logo and graphics are laser engraved permanently. We even offer a wide variety of colors to match your brand.

So....let SUPERMUGS.CA help put a smile on the face of your staff, customers and supporters.

1 $44.97 ea.
2-4 39.86 ea.
5-9 38.19 ea.
10-24 35.69 ea.
24-49 33.29 ea.
50-99 31.67 ea.
100+ 29.97 ea.

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