Turn your customers into your own sales force!

The marketplace is extremely crowded, and you need every advantage to not only keep your existing customers happy, but also attract new ones? Well, SUPERMUGS is here to help you with both.

Close the deal! Of course you did. You are a professional.

Choose a personalized tumbler which includes your corporate logo AND the buyers name!
Now… this is extremely important. Research shows that personalized gifts are valued over 10 times higher than non-personalized gifts.

Place the personalized tumbler inside the car before giving the customer their keys.

Be ready for hugs! Your customer will be totally blown away with their personalized tumbler waiting inside. You can bet that they'll share this experience with their friends, family and co-workers. (ACTUALLY, THEY'LL BRAG ABOUT IT AND SHOW IT OFF)

SUPERMUGS doesn’t just supply you with a premium laser engraved tumbler. We provide you and your dealership a marketing tool that has an incredible residual effect.

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