About Us

Supermugs.ca was created to fulfill that need for funny, cute and awesome beverage-ware. It’s like your favorite pair of jeans which are both functional and fashionable. But more importantly these jeans get you noticed when you walk into a social gathering (in a good way). We are constantly creating unique designs which will not only inspire you, but also tickle your funny bone.


Our head superhero, Richard K, has been involved in the engraving business his whole life! In fact, his expertise was sought after by the leading engraving trade publication in North America, The Awards and Engraving Magazine. For over three years, he supplied monthly articles geared towards individuals and companies who own laser engravers. (He thinks he got the gig because his ability to wear matching socks, but it was because of his solid expertise with laser engravers!)

He is also a proud Canadian who became the first ever Canadian to serve as President of the Awards and Personalization Association (APA). The Award and Personalization Association supports and guide awards and personalization retailers and suppliers around the world. Shortly after his stint as President, he spent hours, days and nights finding a proper fitting cape and leotards. Once he adored those pieces of clothing, he aimed his efforts to protecting beverages and creating Supermugs.ca!

At Supermugs.ca, you will get great designs along with awesome service. And, you’ll get a tumbler or stemless wine glass you can be proud of.






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